Cross Cultural Expressions Community Counceling Center

Couples Therapy

At CCE-Community Counseling Center we understand, honor, and respect the many different customs that cultural and ethnic diversity brings forth and we strives to eliminate the stigma and disparity in psychotherapy service delivery within the communities we serve.

We offer couples therapy to resolve the issues troubling you and your partner. Our clinicians know how to support you to create and sustain a loving relationship. Our work allows couples to repair, renew, and restore their love, or to move on with clarity and growth. We address the full range of issues that couples experience during the lifetime of a relationship. Such issues may include:

  • intimacy and trust-building
  • communication skills
  • money issues
  • sexual concerns
  • premarital counseling
  • learning to express feelings so they can be heard
  • dealing with an affair
  • feelings of anger and betrayal
  • deciding to break-up or break through
  • problems with adult children
  • issues arising from previous relationships
  • blended family issues – “his children/my children/our children”
  • working through midlife crisis
  • spiritual or religious differences
  • stress due to time, money, work: the “not enough time for us” syndrome