Cross Cultural Expressions Community Counceling Center

Robert Leeburg, MSW, ASW

Robert Leeburg

While at USC, Robert worked with children, families, and young adults from underserved communities who were facing both social and mental health challenges. This experience sparked Robert's passion for helping to empower those who are marginalized and isolated by cultural and economic barriers. Together, Robert and his clients worked to build skills for coping with the issues that had brought them to therapy, focusing on how to apply these skills to future challenges.

Currently, Robert specializes in working with members of L.A.’s large and diverse LGBT community. Robert and his clients address issues that arise in their personal lives and explore the challenges they face in the struggle for greater acceptance and understanding from society, neighbors, colleagues, and family. Together, they work to empower, communicate, and connect. His other specific areas of expertise include grief and loss and working with victims of bullying.

Robert's extensive background in the arts as a cartoonist, performer, and filmmaker has inspired much of his work with clients, guiding them toward greater self-expression and empowerment. He has found these approaches especially useful with children and adults who face challenges or life circumstances that can interfere with self-reflection and effective communication. As Executive Director of the Los Angeles Media & Education Center (LAMEC), he used programs in theater, music, and filmmaking to support participants in telling their stories and finding their voices. Most importantly, they learned how to build bridges and create a greater understanding of each other.

When you work with Robert as a therapist, his goal is to create an environment that is safe, supportive, and respectful of diversity. His approach is individualized and holistic.