Cross Cultural Expressions Community Counceling Center

Georgia Christodoulou, MA, MS, PhD

Georgia Christodoulou, MA, MS, PhD (APCC (#11242) is an Associate Professional Clinical Counselor. Georgia received master’s degrees in counseling psychology (Columbia University) and clinical mental health counseling (Walden University) and a doctorate degree in preventive medicine/health behavior research (University of Southern California). Georgia’s primary research interests focus on investigating the construct of mindfulness as a foundation for resiliency to stress and improved emotion regulation. Georgia is also certified in delivering heart rate variability (HRV) biofeedback training as a way to help reduce stress symptoms and decrease emotional reactivity.

Georgia uses her background and expertise in research methodology as a way to provide evidence-based and evidence-informed treatment to her clients as a therapist, focusing primarily on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and acceptance commitment therapy (ACT) as her primary therapeutic modalities.

Georgia uses an integrative/whole-person, client-centered, and culturally sensitive approach to empower clients to address and overcome barriers to their fulfillment while achieving their mental health goals. Georgia specializes in treating adults with a range of diverse issues, including low self-esteem/motivation, anxiety, depression, relationship conflict, and grief.