Cross Cultural Expressions Community Counceling Center

Natalia Ewalt, MFTI

Natalia Ewalt

Natalia Ewalt, MFT Registered Intern received Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with emphases in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University and is registered with Board of Behavioral Sciences. She has an extensive experience working with immigrant and culturally diverse communities of Los Angeles, including adults, children, couples, and families.  Her expertise includes dealing with issues, such as depression, anxiety, suicide, trauma, substance abuse, immigration, grief, marital and career issues.  She is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian.  Her specific interest also lies in working with relationship challenges, including marital issues, infants and mother attachment, communication between parents and children as well as siblings, intergenerational connections, social acceptance and challenges, and other issues within the frame of relationship.  Her style includes client-centered, supportive and nurturing therapeutic approach with a focus on clients’ well-being and positive changes in their lives.