Community Counseling Center (CCE-CCC)


At Cross Cultural Expressions, we see a world in which diversity is celebrated as a means to unite people.

To make this vision a reality, we work hard to increase dialog and understanding by uplifting individuals and communities through therapy, education and the arts.

The Cross Cultural Expressions Community Counseling Center (CCECCC), is one of our proudest achievements. Through the center we are able to provide culturally sensitive therapuetic support for our patients, and train other professional clinicians to do the same in their own practices.

By better understanding the cultural subtleties, nuances of language and varied forms of expression, we are able to better serve our clients and further our vision of a connected, unified world celebrating the rich diversity of all its inhabitants.



Unveiling the Mythos of Iran: Liberating Our Stories, Liberating Ourselves

Date: May 21, 2023



March is National Month of Hope

Date: April 2023



Our mission at CCE-Community Counseling Center is to bridge cultural gaps and enhance the human experience while cultivating healthy, balanced, empowered individuals and families through the provision of culturally competent therapeutic, social and supportive services.

Addressing cultural stigma’s that are often a major barrier in accessing therapeutic and counseling services is a significant part of the work we do. In many cultures, stigma surrounding psychotherapy can often be more destructive than the issue that we are seeking therapy for. CCE-Community Counseling center is designed specifically to treat the varied needs of the underserved, culturally and linguistically diverse communities of Los Angeles. The agency is amongst the most culturally competent community counseling centers in the Los Angeles area, providing linguistically proficient services in a variety of languages, including: Persian (Farsi), Russian, Spanish, and English. We specifically serve a variety of under represented populations such as the LGBTQ community, older adults, and children/adolescents.

CCE-Community Counseling Center recognizes that we live in a community that includes individuals from a variety of backgrounds. Our clinicians are trained in advanced multicultural counseling and fully embrace and understand the key roles that a client’s culture, identity, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, and sexual orientation play in the therapeutic process.

CCE-Community Counseling Center is committed to helping members of the community express, expand, enliven, and enjoy their achievements; thus evolving into a person who lives a more uplifted and meaningful life for themselves and their families. Our treatment philosophy focuses on strengths rather than pathology, on wellness rather than illness. CCE- Community Counseling Center provides culturally proficient services to children, adolescents, families, adults, and older adults. We understand, honor, and respect the many different customs that cultural and ethnic diversity brings forth and we strives to eliminate the stigma and disparity in psychotherapy service delivery within the communities we serve.