Arjang Rad's The River
A musical-philosophical journey featuring piano, cello, and spoken word.

Date and Time:

Sunday, June 4th · 5 - 6:30pm PDT


El Portal Theater
5269 Lankershim Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 91601

A musical-philosophical journey featuring piano, cello, and spoken word.


Arjang Rad's The River

Cross Cultural Expressions presents Arjang Rad's The River, a musical and philosophical journey into the nature of suffering, of happiness, and the inseparable bond between the two. The River is the culmination of two years of intense work during the most difficult and emotionally painful period of his life: an immense ten movement suite for piano and cello spanning nearly 40 minutes.

Before and between movements, he weaves a narrative based on a life-changing personal philosophy that he has also coined "The River," relating the story of how he transformed these difficult years into one of the most artistically and philosophically productive periods of his life, and learned to view suffering as not just useful, but as an indispensable aspect of life upon which all meaning, growth, and happiness depend.

Arjang Rad is a teacher, composer, and concert pianist whose unique style blends 18th and 19th century European classical music with modern rock, heavy metal, Persian, and epic/cinematic genres. As a prose writer, with degrees in literature and creative writing, his music is often informed with narrative elements which include mythology, philosophy, and Jungian psychology.

Through his music, along with the spoken word, he aims to create a potentially transformative experience for his audiences. Born in Iran, he has lived most of his life in Los Angeles and is married with four beautiful children: Johann, Penelope, Eleni, and Iliana.