Debi Ash

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Debi Ash, M.S. is a clinician who specializes in Intimate Partner Violence and prevention through trauma focused and client centered modalities.

She began her career in the Los Angeles area with a BA in Sociology, in 1999 when she started working for a large non-profit agency providing outreach and education.

Debi focused her education and outreach on the types of abuse and the signs of an unhealthy or violent Intimate partner relationships.

Now with an advanced degree, an M.S  in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Marriage and Family Therapy, Debi provides individual and group therapy to survivors of intimate partner abuse, in addition to her continued outreach and education to the community at large.

In addition to her work with adults, she is certified in Trauma Focused Cognitive behavior therapy, an evidence based therapeutic program designed to reduce symptoms children experience from traumatic events. Debi also served as the Chair of the Los Angeles City Domestic Violence Task Force.